Couple in dining hall of Chateu le Rose
Romantic portrait of bride and groom
Sunset over Parliament in Budapest
Bride portrait
Romantic Couple portrait
Wedding portrait in Austrian mountains
Opera house in Paris, France
Romantic wedding portrait
Couple portrait with sun rays
Close up couple portrait
Couple running up the mountain in Santa Barbara
Bride through a window pane
L'Arc de Triumph in Paris, France
Engagement photo with sun rays
Wedding couple in Austrian forrest
Couple portrait in Austria
Close up romantic couple portrai,t Austria
Bride's hands holding her ring
Bride in Linz, Austria
Disneyland Engagement Photos
Bride at Chateau le Rose
Bride's ring held on her neck
Romantic couple in front of Chateau le Rose
Wedding portrait in forrest
Schloss Heidelberg

Not only is Cheyenne a person who makes you feel totally comfortable, she's also a tremendous photographer. She mixes close-ups with landscape pictures which makes you have a variety of pictures to choose from.
And the editing is so natural, yet enhances the feeling of the setting in a beautiful way.
I'm not a model by any means, but judging by the photos I must say I do look like one!
I look forward to another photo shoot with Cheyenne, and I'm sure I will be just as pleased as I was the first time

Keith Pakarinen - Sweden